How do I sign up?

You can pre-register here, which submits your information to our team for review.  Once we verify that you’re a legit business (hey, it’s the internet), we’ll send you the remaining documents needed to get you up and running!

What else will I need to do become a Spotter advertiser?

After your registration is verified, we’ll send you a user agreement, which will detail what we can and can’t do through Spotter.  It will also give Storm Stanley permission to place orders and receive billing on your behalf, but only for orders placed through Spotter.  Once you sign, we’ll send you the steps needed to complete your setup!  If you end up becoming a fully-fledged, comprehensive marketing client of Storm Stanley, we’ll have a different agreement for that.

What does Spotter cost?

Spotter is a media placement tool of Storm Stanley, and as an agency, most media recognize the standard 15% agency commission.  So, in most cases, Spotter doesn’t cost you anything beyond the cost of your media.  In the rare cases where a media outlet doesn’t recognize agency commission, the 15% agency commission does have to be added on.  But again, it’s rare.  Special packages offered through Storm Stanley (digital) may contain a setup fee, but the package details will spell out what those fees are.

How do I use Spotter?

Check out Spotter 101 for always-evolving training!

Can I access Spotter before onboarding as an official Spotter advertiser?

Sorry, but no.  We can’t publish media rates to the world without securing who can access that information.  You have to first go through the registration process.  However, there are no minimums or obligations with Spotter, so there’s no risk to registering.

This seems different.  Should I be concerned?

Heck no!  You should be EXCITED!  Spotter is going to get your product in front of MORE advertisers and make your sales process MUCH easier!

How do I get my media listed on Spotter?

If you’re not currently listed on Spotter but would like to be, we’re happy to have you!  Please fill out the form on the Media Inquiries page to get the ball rolling.

What do I need to do?

We’ll load the first batch of inventory for you and provide how-to materials to show you how you can access your inventory to control pricing and availability.  Yes, you can do that!  But, you don’t have to.  If you would rather have us make updates for you, we’re perfectly happy to do that.  However, be aware that we’re a small firm, and as Spotter launches in more markets, the fastest way to make changes to your inventory will be if you have direct access.

How does Spotter work for media?

At its most basic level, Spotter is a media placement tool for Storm Stanley, and you’ll receive media placement orders from Spotter just like you would directly from the agency.  You’ll receive an email with the order details and links to download ad copy.

If you choose to have direct access, you can make direct updates to your pricing and availability inside of Spotter, and those updates will be used for the orders placed on Spotter.

Who are Spotter users?

Spotter users are clients of Storm Stanley, but the Agency of Record will only cover orders placed through Spotter.  Advertisers go through an application process and are vetted before being given access.

Who can access my rate information?

Only approved Spotter advertisers and employees of Storm Stanley will be able to access your rates.  Competitor media will not be able to access your rates.  🙂

How does billing/payment work?

Spotter users pre-pay for their media at checkout.  We already have the technology to automatically forward your portion (total less agency commission) to you automatically, but it requires that all vendors be set up with a paypal account that will accept this, and we think it’s going to be a while before everyone is ready for that.  So, in the meantime, we’re operating on standard monthly billing.  You invoice the agency, the agency pays you.  The usual middle-steps of the agency having to bill the client and wait for payment are removed (thanks automation!), so payment turnaround is greatly reduced.  Another win for the media!